Friday, January 30, 2009

Keep going in the worst conditions

KY weather update... off school two and a half days this week... huge ice storm, freezing rain, snow everywhere... a lot of people have lost power.

Pretty much the best excuses any client could give a trainer to miss. I am encouraged by all of my clients' motivation to keep going, to miss the fewest amount of workouts as possible. The clients i have trained have communicated their dedication to their health through their actions this week.

I think of myself as a fitness professional that gives my clients an ass-kicking when they need it, but also I try to give them as much instruction and guidance for future workouts so that they can eventually go off and push themselves in a workout.
Face it, I won't always be around. People move, schedules change, etc. i want them to have the confidence to workout on their own, but I also want them to fully be able to rely on my services as a personal trainer/strength coach to get them into the best shape I can possibly get them into in the time they generously set aside to work with me.

Some people have plenty of motivation to put a solid workout in by themselves, but they just need their workout to be completely mindless on their part, they just move the weight I give them in the direciton I tell them. It is relieving to know that they are going to get a solid hour workout and they don't have to think about what to do next. Weeks like this, when my clients show their own dedication to improving their health, that makes me pumped to assist them in any way that I can.

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