Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Strength Challenge Pics

Two of my desk workers modeling the free t's and their guns!
Above is a 10lb personal record (pr) for me on squat, 445! Below is a 5lb pr on bench at 375!

Below is Luke Beggs killing 480 on squat, another pr!

Biggest pull of the night is below, Luke got 525. Luke's total was 1325lbs and he also won the percentage total. He is a beast.
Jake Beggs benched 345 for a pr and got the biggest percentage of bodyweight on bench press. He weighed in at 185lbs.

Below is a picture of me dieing under 380. Didn't get it, maybe later this year...

We don't have a picture of the top of this lift, and his form might not be flawless, but Clay Brady pulled 470lbs and only weighed 171lbs... that won the percentage on deadlift at a ridiculous 274%!!!
Jake pulling 495, one last pr for the day! FIVE BIG PLATES!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Underground Strength Challenge 2010

Thanks to Luke and Jake Beggs for the solid design above. We had the Inaugural Strength Challenge at the Underground Fitness Center last night. Participants were weighed in and then attempted one repetition maxes on squat, bench, and deadlift. Each participant was allowed three attempts for all three lifts. Then each person then could see how many FULL bench press repetitions they could accomplish with their bodyweight. The last event was a grip test for MAN HANDS with 315lbs on our fat bar with a double overhand grip.

We had the following 11 competitors: Clay Brady, Mike Spitnale, Luke Beggs, Andrew Lewis, Rob Sinnott, Luke Ranta, Tyler Brewer, Brett Borders, Jake Beggs, Derrick Bellmann, and Nic Norwood. Here are the results (all weights are in pounds):
Heaviest Lifts
Luke Beggs 480
Rob Sinnott 445
Tyler Brewer 410
Rob Sinnott 375
Jake Beggs 345
Luke Beggs 320
Luke Beggs 525
Tyler Brewer 505
Brett Borders 505
Jake Beggs 495
Heaviest Total
Luke Beggs 1325
Rob Sinnott 1295
Jake Beggs 1225
Strongest Pound-for-pound- compared weight lifted to competitor's bodyweight
Luke Beggs 242%
Tyler Brewer 212%
Jake Beggs 207%
Jake Beggs 186%
Nic Norwood 179%
Rob Sinnott 163%
Clay Brady 274%
Jake Beggs 267%
Luke Beggs and Nic Norwood 265%
Highest Percentage Total
Luke Beggs 669%
Jake Beggs 660%
Nic Norwood 644%
Most Bench Press Repetitions with Bodyweight
Nic Norwood 27 reps at 140lbs
Jake Beggs 25 reps at 185lbs
Luke Beggs (200lbs) and Rob Sinnott (230lbs) tied with 17 reps each
Luke Beggs 33.62 seconds
Tyler Brewer 27.3 seconds
Rob Sinnott 24.9 seconds
Awesome event, a bunch of Personal Records (PR) were made!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to every one that came out.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Arnold Sports Festival

I went to the annual Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, last Friday and Saturday. You might remember that I went last year. It was a crazy experience, to say the least. Myself, Luke Beggs, Jake Beggs, Emily, and Brett Borders left Lexington at 6am on Friday to get free stuff from the expo, see what new supplements are coming out, see some pro body builders, watch the strongman competition, lift at Metro Fitness with some FREAKS, and have an all out good time.

We packed into a corolla to save money on gas, so Luke's car got to carry almost 1,000lbs of people to the Mecca of Strength and Fitness. We had our tickets in hand and the hotel let us check-in early so we dropped our stuff off and headed to the convention center.

People and booths every where. Wall to wall people. CRAZY! I like it mostly because of the huge pros and the free supplements. I am well-stocked for a while. I also really enjoyed seeing Derek Poundstone, Kostiantyn Ilin, Mikhail "Misha" Koklyaev, Travis Ortmayer, Dave Ostlund, Phil Pfister, Derek Poundstone, Zydrunas Savickas, Brian Siders, and Brian Shaw at the strongman competition. Talk about raw, unhuman strength. I saw three people deadlift over 1,000lbs, with Zydrunas pulled 1,027lbs!!!

I also saw body builders like sean allen, ronnie coleman, lou ferrigno, and literally ran into the beast that is Zach Khan.

After the first day we took in a workout at Metro Fitness from around 7pm-9:30pm. The environment was second to none, I kind of hate having to work out anywhere else afterwards. The music was loud, the gym was packed, and I'm not talking about the cardio section. We got to hit a couple of sets with some pro body builders and watch some others at work. It was a very intense atmosphere. Check out my full workout at either of these forums:
Straight to the Bar
Testosterone Muscle

We ended up leaving 2 hours early on Saturday because of the insane amount of people (read that over 180,000 people attended on Saturday alone)!!!!!

Overall, a well spent two days all hyped up on protein and energy supps.
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