Wednesday, May 26, 2010


For the last two weeks this has been my new split:
Monday: Deadlift, back thickness (all rowing movements), and hamstrings
Tuesday: Chest and core
Wednesday: Arms and calf muscles
Thursday: off
Friday: Quads and back width (pullups, chinups, pulldowns, etc)
Saturday: Shoulders and Traps
Sunday: Off

The goal here is to individually tear up every body part and to shock my system into adapting to something new. I also want to bring up my hamstrings, traps, and arms. these are self-defined weak points that I don't have a reason to have around.

I also have some consistent workout partners, which I have been lacking for about five months. This is important to gains, if you don't remember why, read this and this. The group of present and future freaks that I get to hit the gym with are: Luke Beggs, Andrew Lewis, Tyler Brewer, and Jake Beggs.

I also am throwing some type of cardio into the week... whether it be sled pushes, full contact basketball, sprints, jogging, plyometrics, etc... something is thrown in.

Let me know what you are doing in the comments

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Full Body Workout to finish April

I got the chance to hit the gym with Chase Karnes yesterday... he was visiting the area anyway and of course I was ready to get a session in. Chase is an accomplished body builder and he now competes in Strongman competitions at 200lbs. For more info on him and his training styles, click his name above to get to his website.

I usually don't do full body workouts, as I have been on a body-part split for a while. But as long as I'm lifting weights and I'm sweat'n... it really doesn't matter what the program is that day.

THE workout:
185 2x8
205 2x3

barbell incline
270x 6,5,4

chins- used this new protocol that Chase thought up that has taken his bodyweight chins from 7 to 25... it works
bodyweight x12
bodyweight x amap... i think i got 17

supersetted these two exercises:
standing military press

3x12 with varying weights... focusing on contracting rear delts

solid work put in, good day
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