Monday, August 31, 2009

Ignorance in Health and Wellness- Pregnant Women

I was able to catch up with a guy I went to undergrad with and is currently finishing his masters. With both of our full time jobs and life, it had been a while since a meeting of the meatheads had happened. One of the many topics we discussed covered people who know nothing about personal training giving PT evaluations, but that individual is a whole other topic.

What I want to focus on is one of the prospective clients that his coworker received... a pregnant woman. Now there is a lot of areas with this particular client that could vary... meaning, the program that is written for this individual would need to be very individualized to what SHE can do without too much fatigue. ***I want to throw out a disclaimer--- I have only trained a handful of pregnant women and all of them were very good at communicating how they felt and my complete focus was maintenance of fitness and health and safety of the child and moms***

My buddy's coworker was supposed to take the client she was given through a workout that should focus on that indiviual's goals while taking into account their present physical condition. So she aced it right???? Let's see a recap of how the workout started...

(No warm-up)
Lat pulldowns- forget the front of the seat pushing on your belly.... ridiculous, oh and thanks for the warm up
Leg Press machine- great, lets put a pregnant women in a supine position and tell her to make sure her knees hit her chest... because that wouldn't cause any undue pressure on JR or cause any unneeded intra-abdominal pressure

Needless to say this "trainer's" workout ended here when a couple graduate assistants started listing the contraindications of just the first two exercises... baffling the "trainer"

Just when it couldn't get any worse .... WRONG, sigh.... a full time staff member (said individual who has no business evaluating any one) defended the "trainer" saying that she had been doing leg press all summer so she thought it would be ok... did I mention moron full time staffer is prego?

If you haven't punched the computer screen yet in rage, I want to recommend that if you or any one you care about is pregnant, please make sure that physical activity is monitored by someone that knows what they are doing. Weights and cardio is fine, if approved by doctor, but you should stay hydrated, never lay on your back, ask your doc questions about heart rate and body temp recommendations to stay under... pregnancy shouldn't stop you from working out, but you should take the basic steps to maintain what you can and grow your baby!

If any one would like help with a workout during pregnancy, email me and we can get you one. Also, check out Cassandra Forsythe's blog

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another week, expect progress

To some this week may be just the end of August, beginning of September. Another dull, boring, monotonous week of paperwork and tv dinners.

dont be that guy! Get better at something. Lift more weight, try a different exercise, push yourself on the workout plan you have been doing. Make it your goal to get 8 hours sleep every night this week, eat clean, don't eat unneccessary calories. Eat to fuel your day and workouts. Instead of planting yourself in front of the tv for 5 hours after dinner, go for a walk, job, run. use those weights in your basement, garage, back yard...

hey you, remember that new years resolution you "soberly" committed yourself to back in January??? you got toooooo busy right? look at your day, what can you cut out? do you need an hour lunch? workout for 30 minutes of your lunch if you can. 20 Pushups, 10 jump squats, 30 seconds of four point planks... repeat 5 times.

you have heard people say, "if you are going to do something, do it right" why wouldn't you apply that to getting yourself in better shape?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sick Deadlift from 6 inch pad

the laugh at the end is the most motivating

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meathead's Dream facility

Robert Dos Remedios' facility at the College of the Canyons.... wow

2 Clients start back

Classes at UK started back today, as did two of my former clients. I put them through a dynamic warm up that included a basic squat jump, two core exercises, and mountain climbers. They performed 6 squat jumps, each core exercise for 45 seconds, and thirty seconds of all out mountain climbing action.

One of their goals is to gain some lean muscle tissue and get in better overall physical condition. I put her through the following workout, grouped in supersets:
1. Bulgarian Split Squats 3x12
Weight transfer 3 five pound plates moved back and forth from a plank position for 40 seconds
2. DB chest press 3x10
Dynamic side planks 3x30 seconds
3. Underhand pulldowns 3x8
Russian Twist press with a 25lb plate 3x12
4. DB shoulder press 3x10
Cable Chop 3x10 each side
5. Standing DB row
Plank walk-ups 3x30 seconds

We finished with planks and pushups. This is a simple way to compact as much activity as possible into your clients or your workout. You move directly from the first exercise to the second and repeat twice. You keep your heart rate elevated and it beats the heck out of monotonous treadmill. You also can take advantage of Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), which pretty much can be summed up to burning extra calories after your workout while your body replenishes it's tissues with oxygen, restoring hormone levels, restoring heart rate and respiratory rate to normal, and achieving homeostasis.... all for busting your ass during your workout...

Make your workout work for you! What did you do today for your workout? Let me know in the comments

Sunday, August 23, 2009

More posts and videos to come... School starts

So this past week I had to go to the american red cross CPR/AED instructor training course Monday-Thursday 8-5, and then squeaked a lift in every day. I am now certified to certify other people!
I will not have this large of a pause in random rants, videos, exercise information, etc EVER again. So you think I would have had time to blog about something Friday... right? I got to help freshman move in at UK and was trying to get all of the paper work ready for my staff to return tomorrow. HR here has had some problems adding some people to payroll so hopefully I will stroll into the gym tomorrow and every one will be added...

In other news, my buddy, Danny Amon, texted me about hitting deadlift today... so why not? We used the traditional stance, and completed the following for deadlift:

the last one was my favorite because I was going to add two tens to each side and Amon said,"the two tens won't fit, why don't we just throw on a 25 on each side?" and that's how my new pr for deadlift happened.

Do something that would motivate somebody else today

what is your workout for deadlift? let me know in the comments

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Video Recap of Summer workouts

Something to squat to...

Check these out and move weight

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wedding Video

Check out the wedding video here. Lisa Gupton is an amazing photographer so if you need some one and you are around Lexington or Georgetown let me know, and I'll get you her info.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I took up a security job at a local bar to make some extra cash and it allowed me to partake in one of my favorite hobbies- people watching. Standing outside, over-looking a patio is a prime location for people watching, with minimal negatives.

I got to see every one go in one door, make the around the bar circle inside, and come out the door that I was posted up by. I also had the luck of being near three awkwardly placed steps that can be hours of entertainment on all-you-can-drink night.

What could possibly be the problem with this? With the full-time job, training some on the side, hanging out with my wife during the week, and hanging out with my wife and daughter on the weekends has left me little time to attend any bar night, which is fine. However, in my missed time on the bar scene I had forgotten or missed what the current frat-boy style was...

Now I can't be fooled by the thought that all women, or any women for that matter, would enjoy the companionship of such a deflated, tight shirt wearing, feminine look'n guy. No muscle mass, brighter colors than most women were wearing, the multiple hippi bands, necklaces, scarfs, sunglasses when it is night, I think I forgot to mention no muscle mass. If your going to wear a shirt that is tight, GREAT, but have more to show off than a rib cage or a showcase for adipose tissue.

Have women forgotten the meatheads? Say it ain't so...

There were a couple of club members there that could probably rattle off some perfect pushups or perform a jump squat onto the bar if prompted, but it makes me wonder... is the species dieing? A male that would rather move weight from a to b only to be able to move it from a to b quicker tomorrow or move more of it to the same location... are these meatheads becoming extinct???

There is no way. I realize that I work in a gym all day and then go home to an apartment that has a supplement shelf in the pantry, but I did not think things had gotten so bad. I can't be that sheltered.

I think next week I am going to bring up a certain max bench, squat, deadlift total is needed to enter for the males. This will work two-fold. It will all only testosterone filled gents to find their mate and the women will thank me because they will actually sense male phermones in the air, not the latest guy perfume. It's a win-win.

The only plus of the place being filled with soft, pudgy, poor excuses for a male is that it makes things a lot easier to escort some one out of the bar when they have no marbles.

To the meatheads remaining, we must train our children to lift weights, do sprints, and eat a ton of chicken and steak to prevent further decay into extinction.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


the plan for today is to become nauseated while doing legs. I am going to do 6 sets of back squat, leg press, and THEN front squat... although I don't expect to be worth much by the time I get to front squat.
I was relatively happy with deadlift on Tuesday. I haven't done any deadlift in *gasp* about a month and a half but I hit 365 for 6 then 8 and then 405 for 6, which are all good for me. About a year a half ago I tried 405 on deads and just got it twice with terrible form. My form was better this week and hopefully the good dead day is followed by a solid leg day today.

There will be a lack of twitter updates, I can't seem to get to the site from this computer.

Check out an article on rest periods or rest in general from Dan John here. I don't time my rest periods, but I also don't like for my workouts to last longer than an hour and a half so I push myself to keep a quicker pace. Coach John has some very useful comments about sleep, training, and life... you should check it out.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Client Testimonial

My name is Jeff Keith, and I am writing to strongly and enthusiastically endorse Robert Sinnott as a trainer and a professional. Rob served as my personal trainer while I was a graduate student at the University of Kentucky. On many occasions he exhibited his aptitude as a first-rate trainer, as well as his abilities as a manager and a health consultant.

Rob and I met in the fall of 2008, and he began working as my trainer at that time. He immediately stood out to me as a person who cares about the health and well-being of others, and he assessed my situation in a careful and holistic way. After running several tests and consulting with me about my personal goals, Rob designed a comprehensive workout plan that has proven both effective and manageable. We began weekly workouts, and I started a running program on my own. Recognizing that his training is not in dietetics yet understanding that fitness requires an overall lifestyle designed to promote health, Rob also put me in contact with a helpful nutritionist.

Rob met with me twice a week, and I always looked forward to our training sessions. He pushed me very hard, but he never pushed me too hard; he knew what he was doing as a trainer. Rob designed dynamic workouts that catered to my specific health needs, as well as my desire to engage in particularly physical exercises that worked multiple muscle groups. Most important, I experienced results; I lost weight at a sensible pace, while I also began to feel much better--physically and mentally. My physical health translated into a better personal and professional life.

Finally, I want to convey that Rob is a kind and courteous person--the ideal co-worker and supervisor. He was consistently friendly during training sessions, and he always proved flexible whenever my schedule required us to reschedule our workouts. Moreover, he invited me into his community at the gym by introducing me to some of his friends and coworkers.

I have known Rob as a trainer, and I have come to know him as a friend too. He is a very good person and a dedicated professional.


Jeff Keith
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