Friday, August 7, 2009


I took up a security job at a local bar to make some extra cash and it allowed me to partake in one of my favorite hobbies- people watching. Standing outside, over-looking a patio is a prime location for people watching, with minimal negatives.

I got to see every one go in one door, make the around the bar circle inside, and come out the door that I was posted up by. I also had the luck of being near three awkwardly placed steps that can be hours of entertainment on all-you-can-drink night.

What could possibly be the problem with this? With the full-time job, training some on the side, hanging out with my wife during the week, and hanging out with my wife and daughter on the weekends has left me little time to attend any bar night, which is fine. However, in my missed time on the bar scene I had forgotten or missed what the current frat-boy style was...

Now I can't be fooled by the thought that all women, or any women for that matter, would enjoy the companionship of such a deflated, tight shirt wearing, feminine look'n guy. No muscle mass, brighter colors than most women were wearing, the multiple hippi bands, necklaces, scarfs, sunglasses when it is night, I think I forgot to mention no muscle mass. If your going to wear a shirt that is tight, GREAT, but have more to show off than a rib cage or a showcase for adipose tissue.

Have women forgotten the meatheads? Say it ain't so...

There were a couple of club members there that could probably rattle off some perfect pushups or perform a jump squat onto the bar if prompted, but it makes me wonder... is the species dieing? A male that would rather move weight from a to b only to be able to move it from a to b quicker tomorrow or move more of it to the same location... are these meatheads becoming extinct???

There is no way. I realize that I work in a gym all day and then go home to an apartment that has a supplement shelf in the pantry, but I did not think things had gotten so bad. I can't be that sheltered.

I think next week I am going to bring up a certain max bench, squat, deadlift total is needed to enter for the males. This will work two-fold. It will all only testosterone filled gents to find their mate and the women will thank me because they will actually sense male phermones in the air, not the latest guy perfume. It's a win-win.

The only plus of the place being filled with soft, pudgy, poor excuses for a male is that it makes things a lot easier to escort some one out of the bar when they have no marbles.

To the meatheads remaining, we must train our children to lift weights, do sprints, and eat a ton of chicken and steak to prevent further decay into extinction.

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