Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Client Testimonial

My name is Jeff Keith, and I am writing to strongly and enthusiastically endorse Robert Sinnott as a trainer and a professional. Rob served as my personal trainer while I was a graduate student at the University of Kentucky. On many occasions he exhibited his aptitude as a first-rate trainer, as well as his abilities as a manager and a health consultant.

Rob and I met in the fall of 2008, and he began working as my trainer at that time. He immediately stood out to me as a person who cares about the health and well-being of others, and he assessed my situation in a careful and holistic way. After running several tests and consulting with me about my personal goals, Rob designed a comprehensive workout plan that has proven both effective and manageable. We began weekly workouts, and I started a running program on my own. Recognizing that his training is not in dietetics yet understanding that fitness requires an overall lifestyle designed to promote health, Rob also put me in contact with a helpful nutritionist.

Rob met with me twice a week, and I always looked forward to our training sessions. He pushed me very hard, but he never pushed me too hard; he knew what he was doing as a trainer. Rob designed dynamic workouts that catered to my specific health needs, as well as my desire to engage in particularly physical exercises that worked multiple muscle groups. Most important, I experienced results; I lost weight at a sensible pace, while I also began to feel much better--physically and mentally. My physical health translated into a better personal and professional life.

Finally, I want to convey that Rob is a kind and courteous person--the ideal co-worker and supervisor. He was consistently friendly during training sessions, and he always proved flexible whenever my schedule required us to reschedule our workouts. Moreover, he invited me into his community at the gym by introducing me to some of his friends and coworkers.

I have known Rob as a trainer, and I have come to know him as a friend too. He is a very good person and a dedicated professional.


Jeff Keith

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