Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2 Clients start back

Classes at UK started back today, as did two of my former clients. I put them through a dynamic warm up that included a basic squat jump, two core exercises, and mountain climbers. They performed 6 squat jumps, each core exercise for 45 seconds, and thirty seconds of all out mountain climbing action.

One of their goals is to gain some lean muscle tissue and get in better overall physical condition. I put her through the following workout, grouped in supersets:
1. Bulgarian Split Squats 3x12
Weight transfer 3 five pound plates moved back and forth from a plank position for 40 seconds
2. DB chest press 3x10
Dynamic side planks 3x30 seconds
3. Underhand pulldowns 3x8
Russian Twist press with a 25lb plate 3x12
4. DB shoulder press 3x10
Cable Chop 3x10 each side
5. Standing DB row
Plank walk-ups 3x30 seconds

We finished with planks and pushups. This is a simple way to compact as much activity as possible into your clients or your workout. You move directly from the first exercise to the second and repeat twice. You keep your heart rate elevated and it beats the heck out of monotonous treadmill. You also can take advantage of Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), which pretty much can be summed up to burning extra calories after your workout while your body replenishes it's tissues with oxygen, restoring hormone levels, restoring heart rate and respiratory rate to normal, and achieving homeostasis.... all for busting your ass during your workout...

Make your workout work for you! What did you do today for your workout? Let me know in the comments

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