Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tour of the Underground Fitness Center

A couple weeks ago I noticed that a lot of people are posting what their gym looks like, so here is where I work and train.

and gett'n nasty in said gym on shoulder and trap day

go nuts

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Equipment!

It's been busy around the Underground. We have tripled our attendance from last summer... I love it when the gym is being used. The fitness director at the Johnson Center, Beth Atnip, across campus hooked me up with this list of equipment:
-Assisted dip/pullup machine
-7% grade smith machine
-Leg press machine
-weighted crunch machine
-glute ham raise
-pullover machine
-seated calf machine
-dip machine
-cable crossover
-three adjustable benches
-decline bench

Couple this new addition to our new dumbells and we should shock some returning students in the fall. A couple weeks ago I noticed that a lot of gym are posting "Tour of my gym" videos on youtube so I will bring my camera in tomorrow and show you all the Underground. I got a new camera some I will get some training videos up soon as well.
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