Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Underground Strength Challenge 2010

Thanks to Luke and Jake Beggs for the solid design above. We had the Inaugural Strength Challenge at the Underground Fitness Center last night. Participants were weighed in and then attempted one repetition maxes on squat, bench, and deadlift. Each participant was allowed three attempts for all three lifts. Then each person then could see how many FULL bench press repetitions they could accomplish with their bodyweight. The last event was a grip test for MAN HANDS with 315lbs on our fat bar with a double overhand grip.

We had the following 11 competitors: Clay Brady, Mike Spitnale, Luke Beggs, Andrew Lewis, Rob Sinnott, Luke Ranta, Tyler Brewer, Brett Borders, Jake Beggs, Derrick Bellmann, and Nic Norwood. Here are the results (all weights are in pounds):
Heaviest Lifts
Luke Beggs 480
Rob Sinnott 445
Tyler Brewer 410
Rob Sinnott 375
Jake Beggs 345
Luke Beggs 320
Luke Beggs 525
Tyler Brewer 505
Brett Borders 505
Jake Beggs 495
Heaviest Total
Luke Beggs 1325
Rob Sinnott 1295
Jake Beggs 1225
Strongest Pound-for-pound- compared weight lifted to competitor's bodyweight
Luke Beggs 242%
Tyler Brewer 212%
Jake Beggs 207%
Jake Beggs 186%
Nic Norwood 179%
Rob Sinnott 163%
Clay Brady 274%
Jake Beggs 267%
Luke Beggs and Nic Norwood 265%
Highest Percentage Total
Luke Beggs 669%
Jake Beggs 660%
Nic Norwood 644%
Most Bench Press Repetitions with Bodyweight
Nic Norwood 27 reps at 140lbs
Jake Beggs 25 reps at 185lbs
Luke Beggs (200lbs) and Rob Sinnott (230lbs) tied with 17 reps each
Luke Beggs 33.62 seconds
Tyler Brewer 27.3 seconds
Rob Sinnott 24.9 seconds
Awesome event, a bunch of Personal Records (PR) were made!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to every one that came out.

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