Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fast Forward... do something!!!!

Fast forward to June13... five months from today. Your name is still the same, you more than likely have the same job. How is that resolution going you had in your sights? Do you feel better? Do you feel worse?

What is the scale telling you? WAIT, even better... What is your body fat percentage telling you? Most gyms have free fitness evaluations. If you set a resolution, you should get your basic anthropometric measurements. I wouldn't buy some land and build on it before I saw the layout of the land to see what I started with. If you set goals to improve, shouldn't you want to know where you are starting????

What is your resting blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety level, sleep pattern, eating pattern telling you? Have you changed anything?

You set a goal or goals in December, early January to make this YOUR year... your time to set those new marks, improve your overall health... how are YOU doing?

It is June 13, 2009, half-way through this year... looking right at 2010... that's right 2010. That year doesn't even look correct. Did you want to call your trainer at UK and say "Hey Rob, yea I lost a couple more pounds and I am planning on "insert next life goal"

I would probably hop the hell out of my seat and get all too much caffeine excited to hear you still making goals, excelling at everything you do.

A great quote I saw today reading some articles....

"Take your life in your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame"—Erica Jon

It's your life. Your time on earth. Your time with your family. I am not saying don't enjoy their company, spend time with them. Workout to lengthen the years you are able to spend time with them.... In all seriousness, working a long day, chilling with the fam, then going for a short run or lift in the mornings before they are up, watching what you eat, not just while it goes into your mouth... love your family for longer.

Take responsibility. You are all grown up. It is January 13, 2009... Two weeks into 2009. Did you write down your goals?

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