Thursday, January 15, 2009

AVOID the New Years Resolution Crowd

So you have been working out to make this year a healthier one than last year. Going consistently, feeling better, and maybe even seeing results- on the scale AND in the mirror. But you noticed the three million other people in the gym at the same time you are... and it is messing with your workout flow.

In order for you to not drop off the face of the gym world like 60% of the people clogging the gym up right now, find out from one the the workers what times the gym is less busy. Right now with people flooding the local and university gyms, it is hard for you to get through your routine or even get a water break without some one jumping on your machine or bench while you aren't looking.

I want gym adherence. I want you to continue to come to the gym after February 1. Make it easier to get your entire workout in and maybe even try some new exercises. If you ask a front desk worker or one of the people walking around in the polo shirts when the gym is less busy you will have a time that you can get in the gym, get your workout on, and get out ASAP. I want you to make the most of your time while you are there.

There is a possibility that the gym employee could tell you that peak times are early in the monring or are while you are at work. At the campus gym I work out at the peak, ridiculously crowded times for the gym are 430ish to 8ish. I will never be up there to get a workout in OR take a client into. If the slowest times are before work, you have to think whether you prefer to wait in line for your bench or treadmill and spend 2 hours in the gym to do an hour workout or wake up early, get your workout in, and after your work day you get to go home and relax. If the only slow times for the local gym you go to are while you are at work, stay strong.
Write down your workout with possible alternate exercises for the same muscle groups. The written workout keeps you focused on what you want to get accomplished and the extra exercises will provide quick alternatives that will work the same muscle groups, just in case some one is on the machine you wanted.

Say in a given workout your plan has:

Chest Press
Leg Extension
Leg curl
Shoulder Press
Lat Pulldown
Seated Row

Write off to the side these exercises to give yourself options:

Leg Press
Dumbell Bench Press
Lunges or Step ups
Romanian Deadlifts
Dumbell Shoulder Press
Pull ups
Dumbell Row

Variation in a routine wouldn't hurt and this helps your workout continue a solid pace to keep your heart rate up. I would rather you didn't perform the same exercises every week instead of your heart rate dropping to an almost pre-workout rate between every exercise while you wait on the next machine.

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