Monday, January 12, 2009

New Workout- New Aspirations

I have done a strength/hypertrophy twelve week cycle.... I have done hypertrophy in a body building routine for twevle weeks... it is time for what I love to do... focus on STRENGTH.

Nothing in my mind can be equated to being strong. Nowhere close. You are in an endless fight with all the iron plates in the gym that taunt you to add more to the bar, regardless of the lift. My weight currently is 210. I wouldn't complain if it was 225 or 200 as long as I am strong... I am not talking about relatively strong ("yea, he is strong FOR HIS SIZE"). you know weight lift divided by body weight. That is nice and all, but I want the weight i put on squat, deadlift, bench press, db bench to be looked at as "WTF, I bet he can't do that". I want and crave ABSOLUTE strength. Heavy ass weight, if you will.

For the next five weeks I won't do a single set that last longer than 6 reps (except for core) and don't think I am going to let my form on my lifts go to shit just to do more weight. That won't fly with me, son. I am going to do things right, I could honestly care less about what these spring break and new years resolution clowns think in the gym. you have to have a motor in you that drives you, or else you won't hit the weight loss goal, you won't get that lift, you won't come to the gym anymore. Extrinsic motivation is a plus, intrinsic motivation is a necessity.

My routine will consist of push exercises Monday and Wednesday, Pull exercises Tues/Thursday and some sled or sledgehammer work with sandbag training on Fridays. Core will be done daily, rotational and stabilizing exercises on every day. Here it is:

Shoulder Press
DB Incline
Flat Fly

Seated Row
1-let Stability ball leg curl
Leg Curl
1-arm lat pulldown
Chin ups

Leg Extension
DB Shoulder Press
Rear Raise

Lat Pulldown
1-arm Cable row
High Row

Most every exercise will be done for four sets of six, with little variation. I WILL get 415 on squat by this semesters end. I will bench 345 by the end of this semester. I am going to write these down, print them off and put them on my mirror in my bathroom. I will be called out daily by these two goals.

Some random thoughts:
I like to be surrounded by qualified people that know what they are talking about. Who else would you want around you?

I want a feel-good story.. A success story... a "hey, you look great, what did you do?" story... i have several motivated clients this semester. I believe all of them can do it and can achieve their goals.
Short of naming them by name:
1) a guy that is almost ready to venture off on his own and have only once a week guidance from me. has been working hard for almost an entire year with trainers and has a stockpile of workouts
2) a guy who has made it a priority to meet with me more per week and has a healthier him in his mind, ready to attain all his goals
3) a woman who has increased fitness level and a vacation trip to plan for. she pushes herself like it is just the two of us in the gym
4) a woman who recently had twins and is ready to get back to pre-double baby weight
5) a guy who needs to change his focus from boozing and school to his previous all-american high school athlete body

And the list goes on...
Some people out there need to realize that they can bust it in the gym with me two or three times a week, but the struggle is all the other hours they DON'T see me (168 total weekly hours minus however many hours you meet with me a week). Of course you are dedicated with me right in front of you, of course you push yourself, I wouldn't train you if you didn't. Get your mind right and focus to attain your goals when I don't see you, the rest of the week.

I have faith in all the people I train. I know the goals are attainable


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