Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Stuff Make'n Me Itch

A couple of things to let out to any one wanting to spend some time reading it...

Bench Press Shirts= cheating

yea yea, that guy that can bench press 600 pounds, with a shirt, can get all up in my face and let me know that my weak 335lb bench is horrible and he almost doubles it blah blah blah.
he is a living barry bonds, asterisk and all. you are using a shirt that causes excess resistance that allows you to lift a higher percentage of weight than you can naturally, from a clothes perspective.

every time you tell me your bench I'm going to ask with or without a shirt. for those of you who don't know what i am talking about i posted a picture to the left. powerlifters use them during training and competition to gain a higher weight lifted, thus increasing their FAKE-ASS total. Any clothing you put on that has to be stretched out with several hundred extra pounds even before you can move it through the entire bench press range of motion is crap, complete crap. Why don't you surgically implant some pully systems or some machinery that will allow you to lift more.

Back to the guy (mr. *) yelling in my face about his giant bench press number, I have no doubt that a lot of people using the shirts have a higher RAW (you, the bench, and the weighted bar) bench than i do, but i think being 210 benching 335 is pretty damn good... for now at least. i give them credit if they bench over 400lbs raw, but just tell people your raw bench, not this accessory elevated number.

Like i have said before, i am all about functional strength. i like to be able to move heavy things. if a big ass beam fell on you in your house, are you going to say,"Time out, let me put my bench press shirt on" .... NO, you aren't, clown. you are going to sit there and push against it. little guys wearing bench shirts and talking bigg nonsense about their bogus lifts bother me.

People that speak out of their scope of practice should be shot repeatedly

A nutrionist giving exercise prescriptions without any degree or certifications. a personal trainer giving out nutritional advice because it worked for him/her. Hell, why don't you go ask your dentist about your foot pain. You have intelligent (sometimes) individuals speaking about something they have no certified, degree-ed knowledge of and it pisses me off. So many people are afraid to look stupid by saying I don't know or I'm not legally allowed to answer that question. This is why networking with qualified individuals is so damn important in our field. I know dieticians, strength coaches, personal trainers, and the best way to utilize each is to know which has the authority and knowledge base to effectively answer my questions correctly

I had a boss who would answer questions she was completely wrong about and think it was cute when her ass was upside down wrong. It isn't cute to cost people money because they trusted your answers or that you would say a simple i don't know if you really didn't.

Be smart enough to research and ask questions

I tell my clients straight up, if they want to know any of my methods or my reasoning behind the exercises they just completed or the periodization of their overall program, come out and ask me. If they have a differing opinion than me, speak it. I'll let you know why I have my opinion and I will let you speak yours. I'm an adult. I can have a different viewpoint than you, but I am not some screaming meathead that wants you to only hear my opinion and screw yours, it is wrong... that isn't me...

HOWEVER, if I give you my opinion and you try to change mine with no solid research for your opinion... "because some one told me in a dream"- you better be ready for an explosion of how crazy it would be for me to give your opinion any credibility with no reason besides "Sally told me that"

I am very outspoken, but I know when to listen.... I'll puke some more thoughts on here tomorrow

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