Thursday, February 12, 2009

Push Through Workout Plateaus

Every one of us has hit one. Your strength keeps climbing, but then you are barely making 5 pound jumps every two, three weeks. You don't want to change your workout (bad idea) because it had given you amazing results. Results that people were noticing. You are logging miles and miles per week and now they are a lot harder, you aren't breaking into any lower time ranges.

The dreaded plateau. You work as hard, if not harder than you have before and you aren't getting anywhere. You might even be getting worse.

You need a change in your workout, especially if you have had the same workout for over 6 weeks. Change it up! Do some research, hire a trainer for a couple sessions to learn some new exercises. If you are tired of pushing yourself and thinking of a new workout, hire a trainer that will kick your butt every time you meet with him/her to push you over the plateau.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone. It is called WORKing out for a reason, it is work. You should sweat, you should need some extra water throughout the workout. When you go to eat that piece of cake, you should think about the uneasy feeling you had in your stomach last time you worked out, with or without a trainer.

Do you deserve that junk you are about to put into your body or do you deserve to be healthier???

I have seen too many people in the gym using it as a social hour. If you are able to read a book while doing any type of cardio you should go home. In all reality you are getting worse, physically. You can tell people you "worked out," but you might as well have stayed in your office. I know for a fact some of the people in one of the gyms I work at can go back to their office, change clothes, and not even look like they left the room. If you are going to go to the gym, make it worth it.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree... too many new students crowd around in packs just talking, but when you ask them if they are done with the squat rack all you get is,"No, I have three more sets of curls"

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