Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Reading and motivation from an Elite FTS athlete

I have a list of blogs that I read through as part of my normal routine in the morning. One that caught my attention was Robert dos Remedios' blog about the biggest loser, which I had watched last season when I could catch it... or better put, when it caught me. It's like deal or no deal or a car accident, once you see it you have to watch it. Besides hating the way they ridiculed the people participating in the show, I also was amazed at the harmful anatomical positions the "trainers" put their clients in... step ups with more than body weight letting the knee bend to much less than 90 degrees, the "carry the other huge person up mt everest," teaching calorie restriction instead of clean food options, etc. I actually went to NBC's website to write them a letter about what their show portrays every trainer to be nuts and how NOT to lose weight and keep it off and I found this comment:

"Finally, NBC cannot accept, consider or pay for any unsolicited creative ideas or materials. If you send something anyway, you waive any claims with respect to your submission. So why send it?"

That just says to me we think we know what we are doing.... so don't give us any advice.

Also, they immediately kick people off after the first week... a show truly interested in helping people lose weight wouldn't immediately kick some one's hopes to the curb. I understand there has to be a game aspect but let them all be on the ranch for three weeks and then see who has lost the most weight. Just ideas NBC, just ideas.

One a completely different topic...
I shouldn't be surprised at the 10 guys I have met while running the Underground that do not lift their lower body.... but I am. I gotten some of the following excuses:
"Man... I did those in high school screw that"
You were in better shape in high school bud
"I don't want to bulk up"
Find a brain

and my most recent favorite from a guy who only did calves for lower body, who really thought he had a good reason...
"Honestly, you can't see them when I have shorts on... but you gotta have calves... girls love claves"
I asked him what he would do if they asked to see his quads and he had no answer...

Well for all of those guys and any one else reading this blog, check "THE MINX" out below for some extra motivation to actually lift all of your leg muscles:

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