Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today was leg day... here is the pain I got to experience:
Back Squat
275x 6
315x 2
335x 6
365x 4 ----> my eyes were red from busted capillaries in my eyes, solid
345x 6
315x10 ---> this one made me dizzy, excellent

Leg press
8 plates on each side 1x6
8 plates plus a 25 on each side 2x6

Leg curl---- not your normal leg curl check out set three
150 2x12
125 1x6 On this set you lift the weight to your butt with both legs, drop one leg straight, and fight the weight on the way down. This is different than lowering the weight slowly. If you can slowly lower it then you are in control. Fight the weight on the way down and it will really tear your hamstrings up to get you results. Your one-legged leg curl descent should take around 3 seconds and don't let the weight slam at the bottom, catch it with the other leg that you made straight. Slamming the weight will piss off the guy in charge of the gym and is annoying to me.... it could also crack a plate

I recommend a protein shake or chocolate milk after wards with a good foam roll and stretching session to engorge your hammys with blood for repair.

Try it out and let me know what you think

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