Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Being Better than I was Yesterday

There are always ways to improve yourself and/or better your knowledge on improving your health, strength, stamina, and overall felling of self-worth. You know, things like actually sticking to a workout, better technique, more knowledge of proper diet, using that diet as your meal plan, lowering your cholesterol, losing fat, gaining strength, completing your first 5k, competing in a body building competition, etc.

I am not exception to striving to be better physically and mentally. For about the last month I have noticed pressure in my shoulder on heavy bench and shoulder presses. In an attempt to alleviate this pressure I have been stretching on my own and with my graduate assistant in charge of group fitness as well as hitting back twice a week to really improve its strength. Increasing the strength of my lats, rhomboids, and rear delts should help build a better balance between my upper body push (chest and shoulder) and pull (back).

I was actually talking about this earlier with Danny Amon because he is having a similar problem with his shoulders. The explanation in talking with him was that what I work out with on my flat bench (300) is a lot less than what I barbell row (225) with strict form. Now I realize barbell row is supported by your low back and bench press you are able to utilize a bench, but nonetheless there is an imbalance present.

I am going to hit the following split (this is quoted from an email I sent my 2-year training partner who has moved back to Louisville) for the next five weeks and I will blog about the results after this time period is completed for this microcycle:

“Mon- back, bis, auxiliary legs - ext, leg curl, one legged RDLS
tues- chest, shoulders, tris
thurs- monday's workout minus aux legs

my back exercise pool consists of barbell row, db row, seated row, t bar row, and one arm variations. i will alternate weeks hitting heavy chest then heavy shoulder press. i will be doing 4-6 sets of 6 reps, since my goal is increased back strength and not necessarily size.
mons legs will be high rep, whereas wed legs is more standard low rep, puke in a bucket lifting. and more structural lifts wed”

What are some things you could and can work on in the next five weeks? Let me know in the comments.

Also, if you need a little motivation check this training log out:

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