Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sacrifices for Results

A ton of people mean well by setting goals. Too many of those people don't fully apply themselves to achieving their goals. A good percentage of those people reach a short-term goal, become complacent and never achieve their long term weight loss, strength gain, marathon performance, etc.

My training partner (http://www.swonkdiesel.blogspot.com/) wants to gain weight. Being strong will be amplified with more weight as his base.... he is currently shooting for 190lbs. Some of you reading this might gauk, giggle, or some other g word about 190 lbs. Some of you want to get DOWN to 190.

He is a classic hard-gainer. Eats and eats, drinks liters of protein drinks. He wants to be healthy, gain good weight, and not trash his body so he is willing to try any educated way to gain weight. We read somewhere that taking shots of olive oil (that's right, read it again) three times a day would boost his daily total calorie consumption by around 900 calories. He tried it yesterday. He also gave it up yesterday.

Nay-sayers might call him a chump for giving it up after one day. Go take a shot of oil and get back to me. He did not give it up without adopting another clean way to gain weight. Eating two teaspoons of peanut butter three times a day will account for about as many extra caolories... and the big thing is IT IS DO ABLE. Adopts a method to get to a goal and will achieve his weight gain goal

Maybe some of you that are trying to lose weight should exhaust any and all possibilities to achieve your goal. How important is achieving your goal to you??? Adopting a healthier lifestyle so you live past 45 years old sounds worth it to me.

I had a buddy tell me he quit smoking 7 times, so it would be easy to do it again... I feel like people that set a weight loss goal without completely applying themselves to it are similar to my chainsmoker friend. They say things without being completely behind their goal.

Say what you mean, attain your goal.


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