Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maxed Out

I set a goal of 415 to max out on squat by May and took another step toward my goal by getting 405 today. I took the worst way to get it though. I grabbed somebody to spot me that was out of the norm so that distracted me a little... mentally to get into the 400 pound club was more of a challenge than I thought it was going to be. I warrmed up with 135, 225, and 315. Since 315 was around 77% of my hopeful max of 405 I figured it was a solid last step before trying my max.

I tried 405 the first time and wasn't warm enough because I dropped it... pretty much called out by the people watching me... they didn't have to say a word, but when they looked away after I fell that was enough of an insult.... I waited around two minutes after putting the weight back on the rack. I felt much better getting under the weight.

I got under it and all I had to do was stand up. down and up. 405 without hitting a sticking point. it was heavy but I didn't slow down.
I glanced at my spotter and since I had already failed once and then got into the 400 pound club by getting 405, I figured I would go ahead and try 415, you know, get a feel for it. dropped with that weight as well. I got 405 today and have my sights on 415 for May.

my biggest competition is the bald guy looking back at me in the mirror.

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