Sunday, August 10, 2008

Power Training

Power lifts-- such as power clean, snatch, jump shrug-- should be completed at the beginning of your workout because they require highly explosive movements and it is best to be fresh when you start these exercises. Once you have completed your 4-6 sets of 3-5 repetitions on these power lifts and variations (hang clean, dumbell snatch, hang snatch) your muscles will be ready to attack your core lifts for your program.
I recommend changing the plane and type of lift that you are doing, your muscles need constant variation in your program to constantly grow. A lifter that has a program that becomes stagnant will illicit a lot less musclar growth. An example of this would be including all of the following in your training schedule on varying dates: barbell bench press, dumbell bench press, one arm dumbell bench press, incline press, dumbell incline press, one arm dumbell incline press, cable chest press...

Another thing that is vital to training programs is to write down your weights and repetitions daily. Keeping track of your weights that you use and the repetitions you achieve is a strong motivator and is also helpful when you use a lot of variation in your program. You are able to look back several weeks and see what you did the last time you completed a one arm dumbell shoulder press without having to guess at the weight you last used!

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