Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Horrible Marketing, don't be fooled

I am relatively new to blogging, but not fitness. After I set up this site I realize I could post some ads on the bottom row for fitness related sites, which most people interested in reading my blog could possibly want to check out.
So I clicked on one and started reading... and started laughing.

I clicked on "super strength in seconds" because I know that it takes a time commitment and effort to achieve true strength... I was curious to what this site had to say about gaining strength or muscular size in a short amount of time.
This site (www.strong-in-7-seconds.com) is claiming to have the secret to an ab workout and full body strength routine to give people abnormal strength...

First of all, if you scroll to the bottom to the youtube video, he says he is benching 352 pounds. He is on a smith machine, which is assisted lifting. The machine guides the bar, which is great for beginners or lifters wanting to keep very strict form, BUT the weight of the bar is considerably less than the free weight barbell of 45lbs.
Secondly, he also performs an isometric contraction, which is pushing against a force in which your muscle fibers do not lengthen or shorten. This is not a very effective way to train or build muscle mass. You muscles receive no benefit of moving through a full range of motion, nor do you get the personal benefit of being able to say "I benched/squatted so and so weight" and achieving an actual repetition.

Please watch out for fitness scams like this that are out there.

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