Monday, January 11, 2010

deadlift'n 1/11/10

Deadlift day- went ahead and decided after my warm up that i was going to max today... just curious and felt good

step overs and unders
foam roll glutes, hip flexors, and back

135 2x10
225 1x10
315 1x6
365 1x6
405 1x3 strapped
425 1x3 strapped
445 1x3 chalked
465 1x1 chalked and belt
485 1x1 ---> PR for me... chalked and belt

got encouragement/competition from training partner danny amon to not use wimp straps

goal is to be in mid 500's by end of year... i'll get it

supinated barbell rows
225 3x8

pullups 4x AMAP

pull-throughs 2x8

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