Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stay focused on goals, change up your workout

Already people are dropping off the New Year's resolution and spring break workout bandwagon. People's enthusiasm is starting to get drained by "life" excuses.

"It's too cold to walk to the gym"
"Spring break isn't until march 15"
"I have classes and tests"

I understand you are busy, I was just in graduate school last year. But people front these excuses yet forget to mention that they watched three hours of tv that day or messed around on facebook, youtube, or message boards for that amount of time.

Where do your priorities lie? Maybe you think of working out as a chore instead of an opportunity to get yourself in better shape, both asthetically and for health reasons. People don't see it as an investment in the only thing you will own your entire life... your body.

Maybe your workouts are getting dull with monotonous machine work and boring treadmill/elliptical/stairmaster minutes.

Try this barbell complex for something different, do each exercise ten times and repeat the complex four times with one minute rest in between sets:
Bent over row
Hang clean
Push press
Lockout of the jerk- alternating which leg is snapped back
Good mornings

Start with a light weight until you are sure you are a beast.
Chisel your masterpiece.

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