Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Deadlift and back- 2.8.10

A day late... no big deal. Keep moving up in deadlift, hoping to be in 500's by summer.

135 1x10
225 1x6
315 1x6
405 1x3

455 4x3

1x5 + 1 chinup- I can still do chinups after my pullups die so I finished the last set with 1

DB Row
95lbs DB + 40lbs in chains 2x6
left arm started lagging so dropped a chain
95lbs DB + 20lbs in chains 2x6


Underhand Pulldowns
220 1x7
215 1x7

Low cable rope curl
100 1x15
110 1x15

Alternating Supinated DB curl
30's 2x15

Hercules (high cable) curls 1x15


Chase Karnes said...

Keep at it man. You will hit 500 before you know it.

You going to be in Louisville this weekend for the IYCA Summit by any chance?

Rob Sinnott, MS, CSCS, PFT said...

No sir, didn't know anything about it. Send me some details or send me what you thought of it at R_Sinnott_ASP@yahoo.com . Thanks for the encouragement.


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