Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2-a-days??? YOU CRAZY?!

Morning Workout- completed with Nic Norwood

5 minute jog on treadmill (no incline, 6.5mph)

snatch - using 25lbs as "big plate" so I have to explode from lower to the ground. This should help with my hip mobility and assist on deadlift days in getting into the starting position

85 x3

135 3x5

Clean- really focusing on a good catch

135 3x5

after the last set of 5 reps I did 5 reps of hang clean. The weight isn't difficult, but I don't want to increase the weight too soon and just go back to "muscle-ing" up the weight. I am currently focusing on form.

Treadmill interval

Speed Incline Time
3.0 15% 3 min
6.5 8% 1 1/2 min
9.0 3% 45 seconds

After that round, I changed the middle section time interval to 45 secs and the last section to 9.5mph and 0% for the second and third rounds.

*Wait 2 hours- I made sure to get 64oz of water, two apples, a multi-vitamin, a can of green beans, and some protein in before my resistance training*
RT done with Andrew Lewis

Barbell Flat Bench
235x 6
285x 3
315 5,4,3,3 ---> move'n along, got a couple more reps than last week. the last was going well until my left hammy cramped


DB Incline bench
95's 8,8,8, then 8 & rested for 20 seconds and got 0, haha . so i knocked out 9 wide pushups

Superset: Seated DB lateral raises and tricep rope pushdowns

DB lateral raises
30's x10
35's 8,8,8

Tricep rope p/d
150 2x15
140 2x15

Seated upward cable flies
80's x12
85's 1x10,12

Close grip bench
185 x12
225 x 7, 5

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