Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Try these exercises today, more than likely you will be taking some time off of the gym this week with traveling and family time. Hey, I'm realistic. I would hope you at least worked out yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

  1. Walking Lunges holding an EZ curl bar Overhead- Make sure there is room for you to walk with the weight OH. I did ten steps with each leg with just a 30lb EZ curl bar and I felt it in my quads and shoulders. An excellent exercise to incorporate multiple muscle groups. I also superset these with one-legged leg extensions for an extra burn
  2. RDLs with a Barbell Row at the bottom- Obviously you want to pick a weight that is somewhat light for RDLs since you have to be able to Barbell Row it, but push yourself. Complete 12 reps each of rows and RDLs and superset in some jump squats.

Both of these exercises will kick your butt and you can shoot through them quickly if you are crunched for time. GET AFTER IT!!!

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