Thursday, September 9, 2010

H.E.A.T. Coach

I was approached about three weeks ago by the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Transylvania University (TU) about doing some conditioning for their athletes in their off-season. Since TU is a D-3 university they cannot have an organized mandatory off-season conditioning program for their athletes, but they can offer voluntary conditioning times in which a certified professional can oversee technique and safety... this is where I step in. The time periods have been named High Endurance Athletic Training (HEAT) sessions and I am pumped to start working on the programming for it.
I am excited about the opportunity to work with athletes again, since I haven't worked with collegiate athletes since the football team and the University of Kentucky in the Spring of 2009. I wanted to fill you in about the opportunity that I have accepted and start on Monday.

Are there any opportunities that you could take advantage of to further your experience and career?

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