Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CURRENT GOAL: get to 12%

The Underground Strength Challenge is past, I have been settled into marraige and my new job for over a year... I need to achieve something. I need to pursue something. Although I was happy with my pr on squat (445) and bench (375), I recently had Luke Beggs check my body fat with calipers (he measured each site twice and I took the average of the numbers). Here are the numbers he got on me:
tricep: 22.5
pectoral: 14.5
midaxilla: 22.5
subscapular: 19
abdomen: 29.5
suprailiac: 17.5
quadriceps: 18
bicep: 10
lower back: 22
calf: 24

I put these numbers into equations on this website and got the following results:
Jackson/Pollock 7 site: 19.77
J/P 4 site: 20
J/P 3 site: 17.93
Parillo: 21.2
Durnin/Womersley: 22.83

Talk about a giant kick in the man-parts. I'm going to use the Jackson/Pollock 7 site for the current goal to get down to 12% bodyfat. Currently I have 177.6lbs of fat free mass and 47.79lbs of fat mass. WHEN I get to 12% body fat, I should weigh 206lbs... and I want to get there by August 6, because that is about as random of a date as I can pick.

I have a sticky note on my desk that says 206 and 12% to help keep my mind stuck where it should be. I'll be giving you all progress updates AND I should be able to finally post some more training videos since I just bought a new camera.

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What are you currently training for?

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