Monday, November 9, 2009

There are times to ask questions, and times to SHUT UP AND TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the fitness/health and wellness field you constantly have to stay aware because there is all kinds of research going on. I consistently read at least 10 blogs daily and follow their important links to others. I check articles through twitter, check out new video ideas on youtube, email knowledgeable people with questions.... sometimes I get answers and sometimes i just ask someone else.

I never want to be a fitness professional left in the dark or has to say, "oh, I don't kow about that" very often.

I have a staff member that asks a lot of questions about lifting, technique, methods, everything... and I love it that my mind can constantly be tested. I also try not to waste time with a onslaught of compliments and try to get straight to the point with any one I talk to... people are busy.

there are also time to crank up the ipod and move weight around. So what, you were going for 6 reps, if it is your last set go until you can't anymore. You need that animal mentality to destroy something.

As I finish my day I know that I literally attacked my lift today. Those blocks of weight, round or rectangular, test me to my limit. It is the best love-hate relationship to have. You hate the weight until you can't move it any more and then you love the weight for making you stronger.

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