Friday, October 23, 2009

NPC Bodybuilding, figure, and bikini championship - Straight to the Bar

NPC Bodybuilding, figure, and bikini championship - Straight to the Bar: This saturday I am going to Tricky Jackson's NPC qualifying show in Lexington, KY.

I have four employees and a gym member competing so you can bet that I am going to be causing a scene with noise when they strut out on stage. These five guys have been going strong with diet and even stronger with their workouts... For a group of guys that actually like having size and strength, cutting down can cause a lot of mental frustration.

Also, since their bodyweights are dropping, as is some of their strength. Their goals consist of maintaining size and strength through this weekend in an attempt to be as proportionally muscular while still as lean as possible. I saw two of them today and right now they are focused on no injuries and cutting water weight out, prejudging is tomorrow morning at 11am. I hope they hit the weight that they are shooting for.

After the show tomorrow, three of them are competing in the Kentucky muscle show in Louisville in three weeks and two of them are going into their off-season program of large amounts of clean food and gaining mass. The three competing twice in a months time will get as much learning experience tomorrow as far as posing and seeing what they can drop their weights to.

I am excited to see their dedication under the big stage lights, both tomorrow at Tricky's competition and when they get back in the gym to push weight around.

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