Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nothing to do with fitness- Meathead Bachelor Party

So last Saturday a couple of my friends helped me move into my new place and also threw me one hell of a bachelor party.

Beer, intense yelling outbursts, steak, burgers (seasoned with some ridiculously good steak rub), fries, vegetable ka-bobs, and more yelling... i mean i couldn't ask for more to walk out on the single life. I also got a shirt from Cook that read GAME OVER and had a happy bride standing next to a sad face groom with a ball and chain on his foot that I got to wear to the bar that night.

We were able to watch a perfect pre-bar movie (300) and listend to a perfect pre-bar song, which is below.

So by this point, the 1000lbs of meatheads that were pacing around my buddies apartment was ready to power walk around the bar. the night included a slightly buzzed irish jig from me and amon to the song below, a couple bottles thrown, and an overall unmatchable experience.

no one got arrested, puked, got in a fight, or broke anything of value... solid night

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