Friday, May 15, 2009

Directing a Facility

I just started a new job at the University of Kentucky this week. I am the Director of the Underground Fitness center and our attendance is mainly from campus housing. Since 99.3% of campus housing has deserted Lexington, we are left with very few attendees per day. Now the normal, lack-luster human being would take this time to relax, maybe sleep, and add adipose tissue to his body... just happy that he has a job that has a relatively slow start.

I would call the normal, lack-luster human being a lot of things, but mainly smile because he can't keep up in a workout. I'm going to find ways to occupy my time. Reading articles, perfecting my for on various exercises, learning about nutrition and injury prevention, setting new goals, etc.
It doesn't matter if you know me or not, 10 seconds into a conversation (assuming you will meet me) with me and I can guarantee to energize you. I'm like that oxy-clean guy, but for fitness.

this guy could sell somebody cancer. I feel that enthusiasm, intensity, and speaking in a yell at all times are the only way to talk about lifting while lifting. now you can approach me when I am sitting in my office, increasing my knowledge by reading articles through the library database or at and I probably won't start a conversation by yelling... but don't put it past me. I can have an intelligent argument with you, but if you repeatedly say ignorant things with nothing to back up your argument except "It's true, Jillian said it." my responses are going to be laced with reasons why everything you just sputtered out to me is wrong.

And lastly, a ridiculous show of human strength is on the video below... for those of you that follow milder sports like cross country, golf, or olympic jump-roping, lifting raw means that the lifter is not wearing a bench press shirt and is only equiped with MASS. check it out

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