Friday, April 17, 2009

End of an Era... On to a Salary

I recently (7:30 this morning) passed my oral exit exam and have a job all but locked up. I will finish my graduate degree in Exercise Physiology in about three weeks. I have worked with faculty and staff through my graduate assistant position; doctors, students, aspiring doctoral candidates, and a couple masters students through my personal training at the University of Kentucky; I worked with a professor's research study focusing on the strength and conditioning of fire fighters; I have sat through hundreds of hours of classes (some I enjoyed, others the opposite); I completed a 300-hour internship at a corporate wellness facility; and last, but not least, I added ten pounds to my max bench and 60 pounds to my max squat.

I have said the wrong thing and learned how to be more politicaly correct. I have said the right thing to the wrong person and stood by it. I have rubbed off on my peers and tried to absorb as much useful knowledge from intelligent people that I could during my two years at UK.

Now I am on to direct a gym. I am able to master as many exercises as I can and learn new ones, better my knowledge base through research that I want to read, help fitness professionals that have what it takes succeed, and see my friends be placed in jobs across the country. I am looking forward to the day when I can help out a colleague that I have studied with, shot the shit with, and experienced, and more importantly, endured the masters program here.

I am not the same student, person, or worker that I was when I came to UK two years ago. I talk a lot about bettering myself physically, but I have been challenged mentally and met the task head on throughout this masters program. I did not graduate from an easy program. There are things that I need to do more research on and need to buckle down and figure out the concepts of certain things, but I do not mind bettering myself.

I don't mind asking questions, I just choose the right people to ask. I don't mind debating theories or processes to get other people's opinions or improve my own vision of either.

I spoke with my lifting partner about putting a book together. It is going to happen. I am a do-er. A compilation of thoughts about certain subjects, people, exercises, programs, or completely random happenings that have occured in both of our lives over the past two years. A publication of some of the points of view that you should read and consider for your own... Haha, or to just consider.

Enough of this novel, go get better.

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