Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays... I'm still gett'n my lifts in, ARE YOU?

It is freezing outside (5 degrees to be exact) in Lexington, KY... Christmas is this week as well as the Christmas eve prep and last minute shopping and all that nonsense. During the summer people have to get pretty creative to make up excuses to avoid the gym, this coming week makes it very easy to miss your workout and slide on your food intake.

"I have shopping to do"
"It's too cold"
"The gym isn't open normal hours so I am out of my routine"
"I'll set my new years resolution and really push it after the new year"

While some or all of these thoughts could be real life events you need to make yourself get in a gym or run on your treadmill at home. Staying in a consistent workout mindset is very important to all weight loss goals or health improvement goals.

You need to try your hardest to maintain your current fitness levels over the next week. If all you can squeeze in to your busy schedule is 20 minutes a couple days this week, get that 20 minutes in. Minimize the amount of lost progress that could occur this week because you probably are busy.

It is a great idea to set a new years resolution for yourself. BUT break it down. If you want to lose 20 pounds in the next year (very possible, less than a half pound a week) set a reminder in your phone or on your calendar around june and do the math on where you need to be. Realize that a ton of people start out strong and wean off of their highly motivated status. Ask a staff member at the gym you workout at when are the least crowded times. The less frustration you have when you get to the gym, the more likely you are to adhere to going a couple times per week and getting a great workout in.

Make the setting of your goals the best suited for your success and exercise adherance as possible. Realize that eating poorly in large quantities is only working against yourself... You are abosolutely making it harder for yourself in the gym. Watch how much alcohol you consume because those are emplty calories that can definitely add up and you really don't even realize you are consuming.

STAY MOTIVATED!!! let me know if I can help.. and of course, a motivational video:

Happy Holidays!!!

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